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I would like to thank everyone for the Great emails and phone calls.
If I can be of any Help to your Club or Organization let me know.
Phil Stoddard
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A Conservative Nationalist an Pro-Economic Development
A Green Prospective to ...
Diversify Alaska's Economy
Education is the Key          Employment is the Answer

Sustainable Development & National Defense
They are paramount to the future of Alaska

Lets make the Education System #1 in Alaska
A little about me...
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I am a 66 Year Old Alaskan
I was born on Kodiak Island in 1951
I homesteaded in Sterling Alaska, the 1950's & 60's

I like both Political Party's, and this is my 3rd time running for office . . .

The first time I ran against Steve Cowper 1985/86
Later I ran against Ted Stevens ...
as that was the year Alaska was taking over the Alaska Railroad, and I wanted wording in the agreement giving Alaska the Right to Extend the RR to AMTRAK.

I went to grade school in a "One Room Log Cabin" with all grade (Sterling), and then to Kenai High.
It was so much fun I never stopped going to schools every chance I could.
So I have been a Teacher most of my life . . .
(mostly for Corporate America) ...
other then when I was going to school myself, where I first learned to be a Electronics Technician.

Ah Sucks some-where in-there along-the-way, I also Learned to Crab & Fish ...
(Kodiak/Seward/Valdez/Anchorage/Dutch Harbor/Bristol Bay & the Moose River area). . .

I Homesteaded in he 1950's, Worked in The Oil Industry & Food Industry ...
an The Old Family must learns-
The Auto Industry / Hospitality Industry / Marketing Industry.

I have lived and worked all over our great State from Barrow to Ketchikan.

I was there when Coastal Drilling, Drilled The First Oil Well in Alaska, near Sterling, Alaska.
I was there when they Drilled the First 2 Oil Wells in The Arctic Put 1 & Put 2.

I have worked in every Major Industry in Alaska, so I understand the need for Alaska to Diversify Our Economy, and Reduce Taxes.

I enjoy life long friendships and appreciate "good people".
My hobbies include gardening, biking and just being outdoors.

My passion is Agriculture Research and in cooperation with Ocean Spray I developed a plan to bring new Economic growth to Alaska.
I love Photography and Music.

I come from an American Auto Company Family

Dayton, Ohio.

My Family won The First Indy race, and much more.

I Support a greener future through Hydrogen Power Generation, and Hydrogen Auto/Truck Fuel.

I Support Jeffersonian Democracy  - Democratic Republican Party
and Much More!
On 16 December 1947
William Shockley, John Bardeen and Walter Brattain built the first practical Point-contact Transistor at Bell Labs.
And the Electronic Age began . .
When I Phil Stoddard was 10 years old, I Lived Next To William Shockley, on a Secret underground U.S. Tel Communications Base
(Wildwood Station, North Kenai)...

This is where the U.S. Government had sent him after he had a falling-out with his Research Team, one of 10 U.S. Tel Communications Bases around the World ...
it was very KOOL and inspiring!

So I First became an Electronics Technician & then years later when the 286 PC's started coming out I became one of the early Web Masters, so I have been on The Internet from the start.

The inventors of the transistor
Scientists at Work  
What will They think of next?

After many years of Research, I found The Secret To The Universe.
Education is the Key / Employment is the Answer
Phil Nov 2013 US NAVY speach
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Diversify Alaska's Economy
Sustainable Development & National Defense
They are paramount to the future of Alaska
Education is the Key          Employment is the Answer

Low Cost Electric Power
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For All of Alaska!
Bringing Manufacturing Jobs to Alaska ...
which will Reduce Crime & the Cost of Living!
-(@ @)-
Oh Shucks, was Skinny Dick here?
Itís just a hypothesis at the moment, and a tough one to prove.

High Quality Education

Bring The U.S. NAVY back to ALASKA
Empower World Peace


Expand The U.S. Coast Guard in ALASKA

Expand The Rail System
Needed for Sustainable  Development of  National  Defenses

Improve The Highway System

Improve Airports

Improve Marine Ports

Improve Wildlife Systems

Improve National Parks

Make the National Ground Smart Grid System

Indigenous Commercial Agriculture

Demystify Agencies

All of the above Items are needed not only for Economic needs but also for ...
Sustainable  Development of  National  Defenses
They are paramount to the future of Alaska

2016 USA Electric Power Rated
It's the goal of nearly every homeowner or renter to cut down their monthly energy bills.

Residents are going to great lengths in Southern California to implement zero-energy homes, and there are plenty of cost-cutting tips people can take, such as turning off unused lights and carpooling to work.

With this in mind, CareerTrends ó part of the Graphiq network ó has found the 50 locations with the highest average monthly energy bills.

The data comes from the Council for Community and Economic Research's most recent Cost of Living Index (2015).

The report is compiled by pricing the cost of natural gas, fuel oil, electricity and any other forms of energy across different locations.

Locations are ranked according to the average monthly cost for those items.

Energy efficiency has the dual effect of cutting down costs and helping the planet overall.

Reducing the use of gas and electricity has become a priority for small residencies and giant businesses, and it's an especially wise practice in any of these pricey areas.

Note: In the event of ties, the location with the largest population was ranked higher.
#50. Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Average monthly energy bill: $184.37
Population: 67,036
#48. Philadelphia
Average monthly energy bill: $186.98
Population: 1.55 million
Las Vegas
#47. Las Vegas
Average monthly energy bill: $187.53
Population: 597,353

#36. Los Angeles-Long Beach, California
Average monthly energy bill: $192.12
Population: 13.06 million

#31. Pittsburgh
Average monthly energy bill: $200.47
Population: 306,045
Anchorage, Alaska
#29. Anchorage, Alaska
Average monthly energy bill: $202.93
Population: 298,178
#14. Stockton, California
Average monthly energy bill: $230.34
Population: 297,223

#10. Manhattan, New York City
Average monthly energy bill: $249.15
Population: 1.62 million
Kodiak, Alaska
#6. Kodiak, Alaska
Average monthly energy bill: $287.22
Population: 6,280
Juneau, Alaska
#5. Juneau, Alaska
Average monthly energy bill: $287.55
Population: 32,200

#2. Honolulu
Average monthly energy bill: $504.25
Population: 955,215
#1. Fairbanks, Alaska
Average monthly energy bill: $549.42
Population: 32,100

On May 10, 1869
Nearly 150 Years ago, our Nation was joined from east to west by the driving of the Golden Spike and yet Alaska remains abandoned like a remote island commercially accessible only by Air or Sea.

The Alaska Highway
The US military pushed a cat trail road through rugged wilderness in order to provide much needed military defenses for WWII and since that time little progress has been made to connect ALASKA to the rest of Our Nation.

The time has come to Move Forward and provide Security and Economic growth for Alaska and  North America by extending the ALASKA RAILROAD to AMTRAK.
A Life Long Quest . . . .
As a child I would watch the Train pass by and wonder why it did not take us to see the wonders of the rest of the world.  

Fifty years later a mere 1000 miles of track still separates the Great State of Alaska, with all of it's natural resources, from the rest of the Continent and the Lower 48.

The construction of this short spur of track would open up tremendous opportunities for Alaska and a vast new International Economic Boom.

I have devoted most of my adult life to the promotion of this Transportation Corridor and it's importance to Alaska's future, and America's Security.

map of EuroAsia CanAm Hydrogen Highway
The Alaska Straight Railroad
Mega Engineering- Underwater Tunnel
Brief      Chronology      Description      Where      How      Why      Mission

Smart Grid         Power Grid

The privately owned Washington company that last year began lobbying to build a high-speed rail line between Washington and New York has lined up some prominent names to press its ambitious plan to improve congestion in the Northeast corridor.

If you've been to London's Heathrow Airport recently, chances are you've caught a glimpse of something called an ULTra PRT transport pod.

Phil Stoddard
Phil Stoddard 2013

posted Oct 23 2013
The Problem with Education is Funding, where it comes from, an not enough.
Education Needs To Be Funded From The Top of The STATES GENERAL FUND

posted Oct 23 2013

After A Billion Dollar a Year Tax Cut from the STATE OF ALASKA

Employment is the Answer to Stopping Crime, & the Shrinking of the Middle Class
plus it leads to Better Parenting
Note from Phil
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As Governor I will Diversify Alaska's Economy so we can Reduce Taxes . . .
on ALL our old Alaskan Industries, and put a STOP to Personal Property Taxation.

We can have many more Industries than just Oil - Tourism - Fishing

The Lowest Cost Electric Power Grid in AMERICA

Alaska has had Years of Oil Money
An yet Alaska is not # 1 in the USA for anything Positive.

On the Negative side, shucks we have made it to the Top in everything from Political Crime, to over priced & bad Health Care, Bad Education.

Many of the best-run states benefit from large supplies of natural resources, while the housing crisis continues to hurt several of the worst-run states.

The United States reclaimed a spot among the top 5 in this year's competitiveness ranking, but . . .
it's not even close to No. 1.
Find out who stole the show.

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# 1 USA  ROAD  TRIP  map usa   The Great Race
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moose 2013 anchorage
SAVE  A  poor homeless  MOOSE
Education is the Key / Employment is the Answer

Homeless Project

an annual event helps individuals go to one place to find help rather than traveling throughout the city.

Alaska Justice Forum - UAA ...


Phil Standing Up For ALASKA Oct 2013

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A Secret Message ???
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